Episode #2: Catherine Connors — The Princess Industrial Complex, Aristotle’s Pleasure and Using Cultural Codes to our Advantage

Girl Gone Viral
2 min readApr 13, 2022

How do Disney Princesses and the fairy tales they’re based on shape the role of women and girls in public spaces? Why do people give up their self awareness and needs in hopes that one day someone, somewhere is going to come in to their lives and save the day? How does this play out on social media and working in an industry like tech?

On this episode of Girl Gone Viral hosted by Liz Hagelthorn, Catherine Connors, aka the princess hacker, is here to discuss storytelling, the Princess Industrial Complex, Anti-Heroes and where else we see these dynamics play out in public spaces. Then Catherine and Liz discuss what characters with a scarcity mindset in stories like Willy Wonka can learn from Aristotle’s understanding of happiness and the dangers of using pleasure as our measure of success. Lastly, Catherine and Liz discuss the role of personal storytelling, oversharing and the first breakthroughs by women in digital storytelling.

Catherine Connors is the former co-founder and CCO of Maverick, a network for girls and young women. She’s the former Editor in Chief of Babble and Head of Content for Disney Interactive’s Women and Family portfolio. She has been featured in media like The New York Times, CNN, NPR, and Good Morning America. Catherine can be found at herbadmother.com and twitter.com/@herbadmother

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